What I’ve Learned (So Far) While Traveling Through Europe

Peak out the window before you head out for the day. Looks like rain? Bring an umbrella. Doesn’t look like rain? Bring an umbrella.

The best lighting — sans crowds — is at 6 a.m., when only locals and small pockets of all-nighters roam the streets.

Carry coins. Toilets aren’t free, you silly American.

Attending a choral performance or free Evensong beats wrestling the crowds at famous cathedrals any day.

You don’t need a photograph of everything.

Shop at a grocery store for breakfast and lunch; splurge on dinner.

Trust your gut. If you have no reason to suspect trouble except for the way you feel, go with the way you feel and get out.

24/7 is a long time to spend with one person, even if you love him or her. Learn to say you’re sorry and get on with it.

You will experience so much more of the city if you hire a bike rather than take the metro.

If it sounds like a scam, it is.

You aren’t too cool for city tourist offices. They have free maps!

The Golden Arches are the international symbol for cheap food and clean toilets.

The most memorable moments are usually the ones where your plans go wrong.

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