We Got a New Bed

*Written in December 2017*

We got a new bed. When we were first married, we bought a new mattress for about $500 and it was fine — for awhile. While living in Orem it started to dip in the middle, and the unevenness became particularly uncomfortable when I was pregnant with Lila. So when we moved to California we knew it was time to upgrade, and we were excited to get a king! We found a mattress that was soft but firm and spent a lot of time in the store laying on it. I was worried it would be too soft, but we went for it any way. After bargaining, I think we got it for $2,500. (Which is crazy! The list price was $5,000+)

We were so excited when it arrived .. until I couldn’t sleep on it. I literally was sleeping on the couch because the new mattress was too hard and I couldn’t sleep, so I’d toss and turn and have anxiety about how much money we spent on it, which also made it impossible to fall asleep. It was a vicious cycle. I even went as far as to call the mattress store to confirm that they actually delivered the right bed. In the store I thought this mattress was too soft — how was it that at home I thought it was too hard?!

The stress of it caused me many tears and I said a lot of prayers for peace and for change! Luckily I went to Arizona for 10 days or so soon after we bought the bed, and Lance was able to break it in. He walked up and down on it (the salesman suggested it) and slept on my side. When I got home, it was noticeably different, and within a month or two was great. Now, 1.5 years later, I can say it’s the best bed I’ve ever slept on! So perfectly soft and firm and cozy. Mandi and Lisa have spent the night on different occasions, and both returned to Arizona in search of new mattresses because they were inspired by ours! Ha!

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