Thoughts on General Conference

I love General Conference! Having only been the prophet for three months, President Nelson sure came out swinging. He announced that the Elders Quorums and High Priests Groups will now be combined into a single, unified quorum. He also announced that Home and Visiting Teaching will be replaced by a coordinated effort called Ministering, which will welcome the contribution of young women.

I’m excited about the changes to Visiting Teaching. When talking about it with friends, one described it as giving us the higher law. Essentially nothing has changed other than the language of “home” teaching and the accountability of “what counts.” I think this change will encourage us to have more natural, flexible relationships with those we are invited to look out for. For months I’ve felt like I want and need to be a better visiting teacher, but don’t know how. Looking back, I used to serve my sisters diligently (and monthly!) while we lived in Phoenix. But ever since then I’ve struggled to even contact my sisters more than once or twice a year. What’s changed? I’ve done a lot of reflecting and “repenting,” and am excited that this new change will be a fresh start.

Also, President Nelson announced temples in India and Russia! Russia?! I don’t think the Church is even allowed to proselyte there right now, so what an announcement of hope for the Russian members! God lives! I’m so grateful for his prophets and knowledge of His love and plan for me!

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