This is Spain

While we enjoyed the sites, I don’t feel like we got a true picture of the country or it’s people. There were so many tourists in Barcelona it was impossible for me to to know who is native, what is tradition etc. Granted tourism is part of the country’s story, but I was somehow hoping for an authentic, less touristy experience.

We got a tiny peek at local life by attending a worship service at an LDS church on Sunday. On we located a church building and found it easily by metro. Missionaries met us at the door, and we chatted for a bit with one who spoke English. As we made our way into the chapel, we discovered we were among only a small handful of non-natives. The majority in attendance were Spaniards! Smiling, singing Spaniards. Such a treat. I thought to myself, This is Spain.

During the meeting, members of the congregation were invited to share their testimonies about Jesus Christ, the restoration of His gospel, forever families etc. We were given headsets to wear, and a young girl about our age translated for us and the few other English speakers. Each testimony bore witness of gospel truths and personal experiences. I was reminded that Christ’s gospel is the same no matter where you go. The hymns were sung with much gusto; Lance and I managed along. On the closing song, I sung in English. I didn’t think the others would mind.


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