The Black Forest, Germany

Day 1
Played Farkle for hours while we suffered the consequences of boarding the wrong train
Arrived in Schenkenzell to find the city pitch dark
Knocked and knocked on the doors of our hotel, only to find it abandoned
Lucked out on a vacancy nearby


Day 2
Wandered through Schiltach, a popular nearby town
Sampled delicious German dishes
Hiked through the Black Forest to a hilltop castle ruin
Avoided death at Hotel Sonne
Celebrated with a fancy meal at Hotel Waldblick

Germany Germany

Germany Germany

Day 3
Played Charades with locals (and an hour later finally rented bikes!)
Hiked and biked through the Black Forest
Stopped off in nearby villages to rest and eat some more
Relaxed by the water after a long day

The Black Forest Germany


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