Softball Season Win

Another of Lance’s legendary, wonderfully-written softball emails:

The lights were bright; the ball park illustrious, but nothing was sweeter than the juicy “W” the gloves earned on Thursday night. Shaking off the demons of the past the Gloves played like the champions they were always destined to be. Matt B., Joey C., Sean K, and Lance S. all sped around the bases for in the park homeruns. Deanna who was celebrating her birthday that very night fired the team up with both her play and natural leadership. Geoff hit for extra bases each time he was up. Jessica, though few would have thought it possible, upped her trash talking game. Scott Holmes went several vertical feet to snatch a line drive out of midair at third. He also sent a ball sailing over the fence. (Which is technically an out but also an impressive display of power.) Keri got crazy on the base paths, taking gambles stretching singles to doubles that (usually) paid off. Claire, after getting a couple warm up swings out of way, solidly smacked the softball around the diamond. Cut off Kassie never missed her target when throwing to her teammates and seemed to be in the mix on almost every defensive play. Nicole played error free on defense. Kylee capitalized on a laboring pitcher to draw a critical walk with the game tied up. And finally Frank. Well, Frank played well but more importantly he looked good while doing it.

Oh and one small detail I forgot to mention. The other team didn’t show up and the Gloves won by forfeit. All the highlights outlined above occurred while we scrimmaged against each other. But hey, a win is a win! Go mighty Gloves!

Stay hungry friends – until next Thursday!

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