Paris, France

Day 1
Welcome to Paris, it’s raining

Day 2
Toured Luxembourg Gardens and Parisian neighborhoods filled with modern and century old buildings
Spent 20 minutes in line to roam the inside of Notre Dame, spent 2 hours in line to climb to the top and see Paris as the gargoyles do
Visited the infamous love lock bridge, chose not to contribute to the weight
Spent several frustrating hours trying to get to the Eiffel Tower by metro
Realized it was worth it when we stumbled upon the National Day fireworks show
IMG_8847 IMG_8966
IMG_8901 IMG_8987Cathedrale de Notre Dame de Paris

Day 3
Contemplated life and devoured a heavenly ham and cheese sandwich at St. Martin Canal
Biked and hiked to the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur
Appreciated a solider-honoring ritual at the Arc de Triomphe
Pleasantly surprised to find ourselves impressed with the iconic, highly-touted Eiffel Tower
Biked home because the metro still sucked
IMG_9037 IMG_9054

Day 4
Waited in line our longest time yet — 3 hours — for the unlikeliest site: Les Catacombs, the resting place of millions of Parisians
Wander the halls of the Louvre and took a selfie with our girl Mona
Relaxed in our funky apartment, courtesy of Airbnb
IMG_9117 IMG_9144
IMG_9163 IMG_8835

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