Orange County Fair and other happenings

*Written February 2018*

Growing up, I LOVED going to the fair! As an adult, we attend with different eyes. Everything is expensive and icky.. ha! But still so fun. Riding rides at Disneyland is fun, but somehow the carnival rides elicited WAY better responses from Lila. Watching her experience (and express) pure joy was the best thing ever and so worth the $20-worth of tickets we bought.

Also, we went to the fair for the food. I was hangry by the time it was time to choose, so I got us a table and Lance got us some food. He chose a hamburger with two glazed donuts as buns (not bad.. ha!) and a huge hot dog with tons of fixings. We felt like crap afterward ha!

20170812_124408 20170812_124505 20170812_125131 20170812_125819 20170812_133619 20170812_143227

Lance participated in several mountain biking races this summer and was even the fastest lap winner in his division. Lila and I went to watch one time and the whole event was pretty legit. Let’s just say there are a lot of people who really get into it. It was fun to be a part of that culture for a few hours!

And now here are some more cute pics from August. The last one is us trying out the selfie stick I bought for Europe!

20170824_104658 20170825_210422 IMG_5249

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