International cell phone usage

It was about when we got to Salzburg that we decided our cell phone usage and the international travel plan we signed up with weren’t working. I originally signed us both up for a plan that included unlimited data, talking and text on the days that we used our phones. It was $10 a day. I hadn’t planned to use our phones unless there was an emergency. Each place of lodging we stayed had Wi-Fi, so I figured we’d be fine. Well, we weren’t.

It was just too easy (and sometimes necessary) to use our mobile/GPS when we were driving and/or lost. And that started to add up. Plus our expectations were different. Instead of extensively planning everything out like he used to on past trips, Lance figured he’d use his phone. I didn’t realize that was his mindset, so each day he’d use it would stress me out! Ha! Plus, when we were in Vienna, I totally forgot that I could receive text messages for free but couldn’t respond to them without activating the charge. So when Lance text me to say he’d made it to the car rental agency, I text him back. Ha!

Anyway, in Salzburg we emailed Dawn and C, who were able to change Lance’s plan to the $40 a month travel plan — it didn’t include unlimited data, texts or minutes, but enough of each for us to get by for the duration of our trip. I kept the $10 a day if used plan, and was more careful to not use my phone again.

Though it took some of the reward out of finding a place on your own in a foreign country, it sure was convenient to have access to mobile/GPS while traveling!

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