How I want to Improve in 2017: The Year of Positivity

A well-known blogger I follow doesn’t write up a list of New Year’s resolutions, but instead dubs each year “The Year of ____.” One year that blank was Productivity. Another it was Honesty. This year it’s Creativity.

I like that. Instead of choosing multiple things I want to improve on or achieve, I could focus on a basic theme throughout 2017. But what? By nature, it’s easier to categorize my life and then list goals underneath each umbrella.

Be positive
Seek to include instead of be included

Study the Book of Mormon 5 days a week along with my Primary lesson preparation
Attend the temple once a month — generally first Wednesday or Thursday

Spin at Bike2theBeat once a week
Ride my bike in the mornings twice a week (Tues and Thurs)

Eat more leafy greens in salads and smoothies

Save $2,500 a month/$30,000 total for the year
Buy a SUV for Christmas!

Spend uninterrupted time (at least 1 hour) each day playing with and teaching Lila

Encourage Lance to mountain bike at least bi-monthly
Show more gratitude

Make at least $10,000
Seek out work from Gallup/Email Susan
Start research and interview process to write Dad’s biography

For-Purpose Solutions
Add my title in LinkedIn
Encourage and help Lance spend time growing business

Arizona (February)
Stevens Disneyland (April)
Anniversary trip* (April)
Lunt reunion (June)
Lake Powell (July)
Hawaii (September)
Arizona (October)
Arizona (December)
Greece (December-January)

*San Diego, San Francisco, Channel Islands National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Death Valley National Park, Mojave National Preserve, Catalina Island, Big Sur, Crystal Cove cottages, Napa Valley.

I think I want to make 2017 The Year of Positivity. It just feels right. Ultimately I want to be a happier, more positive person, and I want to be a source of positive light and strength for others.

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