Hiking Bommer Canyon

This past weekend we went hiking up Bommer Canyon where Lance usually mountain bikes. It was overcast but in my mind perfect weather for hiking. The trail was quite wide and we saw a few other hikers and bikers along the way. Lance wore Lila in a hiking backpack. He stopped to pick a flower and up ahead I thought I saw a snake in the middle of the path. I told him, and it surprised me that he didn’t act scared or even stop what he was doing (he was slightly in the bushes to reach the flower — and the snake could’ve been there!). He said it was because my voice didn’t sound afraid that he didn’t feel afraid. That’s a problem, I think, haha. This has happened twice before. Once Brittany Barney was unknowingly holding a board with a scorpion on it. I calmly told her to drop the board, but because I was so calm she didn’t take me serious for a few seconds. That was a long time ago. More recently, when I calmly asked Mandi to help Lila off the playground equipment because she was about to fall. Mandi said she didn’t realize how urgent the request was until she saw Lila literally falling and she ran to catch her mid air.

Anyway, tangents. Back to the snake. As soon as Lance saw the snake he said it was a rattler. My eyesight is bad, but on first sight I didn’t think it was because it seemed so small. Maybe it was a different type of rattlesnake than we have in Arizona, or maybe my memories are exaggerated of how big rattlesnakes are. Either way, he was right. He wanted to throw sticks at it to encourage it to move off the trail. Because we had to pass by it, I told him to leave it alone as it was already sliding away anyway. Less than a minute later it was gone. It kind of gave me the creeps thinking how quickly it had come and gone, and how many others could be lurking in the bushes!

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Luckily it didn’t negatively affect our hike that much at all. We both continued on easily, but vowed not to let Lila out of the backpack. Once we reached the viewpoint on top, we let her out to eat lunch but all stayed close to each other.

Lance wants to buy a new nicer mountain bike ($1500) and is looking to buy me one ($500) as well. Because I’ve recently started babysitting for a friend who went back to work, we thought it’d be fun to ride together once or twice a month in the mornings while that friend watches Lila. That is if I don’t get pregnant soon!


We also hiked to Holy Jim Falls in May. It’s not like hiking in beautiful Utah, but it was still pretty!

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