Gloves Brandish Warrior Spirit in Double-header Finale

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Despite the finale of a rain saturated and schedule stretched season concluding with no wins, the Gallup Gloves brandished the warrior-spirit that has become common-place of this stellar squad. Thursday night’s double header highlighted haplessness and heartbreak.

First, the Gloves faced the mighty Misftiz. A team that is aptly named for it is truly not like the others in its league. The Mitsfitz have creamed all opposition in their path on their way to a spotless W-L record while scoring almost one hundred more runs than their opponents in just eight games this season. The Gloves fought valiantly and despite the overwhelming odds, finished the game at a relatively close 8-15.

The second game illustrated some classic elements of Gloves play. The first element: a horrendous start. The Gloves got scorched for 12 runs in the first three innings all while only mustering three in retort. The second element: fiery resurgence! Though down 3-12 the Gloves never despaired. Through the next five innings the Gloves shut down the opposition’s offense. But runs were still slow in coming. Slow until crunch time came crashing down anyway. The scoreboard showed 5-12 coming into the last inning and the Gloves poured it on. One run. Then another. Then a pair of runs. Then another two. It looked like an improbable comeback was inevitable. This brings us the final element: the wheels coming off at the end. With six runs across, runners on the bases and only one out, the resurgence stopped dead in its tracks. Final score: 11-12. So close, so heartbreaking.

Left to right: Keri Stevens, Kassie Garlock, Brianna Schmitgen, Lance Stevens, Scott Homes, Frank Lionetti, Deanna McKinlay Center: Adam Rose

Left to right: Keri Stevens, Kassie Garlock, Brianna Schmitgen, Lance Stevens, Scott Homes, Frank Lionetti, Deanna McKinlay. Center: Adam Rose

Regardless of the outcome though, play was stellar and engagement peaking! Here are some positive highlights (shout-outs if you will):

Deanna, not only celebrated her birthday yet again, but gloved a pop fly that seemed to soar into an astral orbit before rocketing down to earth. Way to make us proud by being a living embodiment of our namesake!

Catching balls, digging hoppers out of the dirt, and even blocking throws with various parts of her body, Keri crushed her newly christened calling at first base. A consistent first baseman is key to softball but a killer first basewoman is even better. (See what I did there?)

Jerry Hansen showed supreme commitment to the team. He was diving on the base paths and digging ground balls out of the dirt with the shoddy loaner glove I gave him. If it wasn’t for Jerry we would have forfeited the first game and sorely missed his inspirational intensity.

Always amped and gearing to go, Jaclynn like Jerry, provided a mental spark for the team. She informed all of us in the dugout that her perpetual high is completely natural and drug free! What a blessing! She also got a couple base knocks for our offense that were sorely needed!

Cutoff Kassie completely took over defensively one inning – notching two of the three outs with back to back stellar plays. First by snagging a high fly, then by scooping up a heated hopper and throwing a bullseye to first base. Heyo!

Brianna held her own by hitting consistent singles due to her scorching sprints to first base, and providing solid defense in the outfield. We’ve come to expect nothing less than excellent play from her.

Scottie too Hottie showed deep devotion to the team by playing ferociously despite some concerning health issues. Scott roped several clean base hits and flashed some leather at third, making critical defensive plays.

Dealing wicked rainbow arcs and peppering the plate with prolific strikes, Adam Rose once again answered the call to pitch for the Gloves in dominant fashion. Muchas gracious Nacho!

Frank the Tank had an okay night I guess. I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed when he didn’t hit a triple every time he got up to the plate. Seriously though, Frank may have had more triples in two games than the entire rest of the team had hits! It was insane!

Thank you one and all for playing and having fun over the last two seasons. We will definitely do another season, but first a hiatus is in order. When will we play again you ask? I think the message I recently found in my fortune cookie may have the answer you seek:


Stay hungry friends,


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