Bern, Switzerland

Day 1
Caught an 8 a.m. flight from Barcelona to Geneva, slept
Took a 2-hour long train from Geneva to Bern, marveled at the rolling hills, lakes and story book houses
Checked into our hostel, enjoyed a Swiss sandwich
Chatted with a young German-born Swiss about the realities of America and country living
Got to the Bern LDS Temple to find it closing for the day
Hopped on a bus — city travel is free for tourists — and¬†explored town
Ate McDonalds and didn’t feel guilty about it
Tasted gas water and hated it
Returned to the hostel, slept for 10 hours straight

Backpacking Switzerland
LDS Temple Bern

Day 2
Made it to the temple on time
(Keri) met a wonderful, chatty woman who offered her own homecooking if we ever made it to her hometown of Interlaken
(Lance) met and befriended two missionaries
We took the missionaries to lunch – their choice: McDonalds
Felt guilty about never tasting the country’s specialty foods
Returned to the city, wandered through the Old Town and started the ever long trek to Germany

Bern IMG_8596IMG_8594 Bern

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