Belfast, Northern Ireland Wrap-up + Photos

Written June 2017

August 12: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Sites: A stopping point, really. We intended to go into the city and see the sights and some people Lance knew, but instead opted out. Someday we’ll be back and I intend to see what we missed!

Lodging: In Belfast we stayed at the Holiday Inn. We had high hopes of exploring Belfast and even visiting a few of Lance’s friends from the mission. But on our last night of the Mega Trip, we let exhaustion and ease take over and decided to stay at the hotel closest to the airport. Otherwise, we’d have a long way in and out of the city for only an hour or so left of sunlight. It was a nice hotel, but lacked European character — it felt almost as if we were back home. A free meal or two was included, which was fabulous. One of us got a croissant stuck in the conveyor toaster and it started to let out smoke, which set us both into a fit of laughter and panic at the same time. It was a good ending to a good trip.

IMG_0897 IMG_0899

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