Barney Visit

*Written December 2017*

Lisa, Brett, Brittany and Jace came to visit in July. They stayed at a hotel near Universal Studios, where I met them one day. Lila was too small to ride much, so we mainly watched shows, switched off or I would stand in line and talk with them and then not ride at all, which was fine with me. I ended up buying a season pass because it was so close in price to a one-day ticket. Lance and I only ended up going back once before it expired! It just doesn’t compare to Disneyland. But, it was fun to spend half a day there with the Barneys.

I remember on the way home Lila was crying hysterically and I was lost in a ghetto part of LA. I put on “The Sweetest Thing” by U2 and she was instantly quiet. I played it on repeat seven times for sweet relief! It was a method that worked for months!

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