An Email Update

Added June 2017, written while on the Mega Trip

Hi there Mom and Dad,

Just checking in. We’re in the Amsterdam airport right now waiting for our flight to London. I just counted – today is our middle marker. We’ve been out for three weeks and have three weeks left. We are having a lot of fun and seeing some amazing places, but I’ll also be happy to be home again. (Though it won’t really be home, since we’re not settled in..) I’d like to sleep in my own bed, relax at home and not feel the pressure to get out and see stuff everyday!

This week has been my favorite so far. We got to go through Anne Frank’s house, which was neat, but even better we got to visit Corrie Ten Boom’s home. She’s the woman who wrote “The Hiding Place.” We went on a free, 1.5 hour long English speaking tour through the home with 20 other people. The tour was basically like reliving the book in person, and the tour guide was very open about Christianity and the tender mercies Corrie and her family experienced. Such a neat experience. The rest of our time here in Holland was spent riding bikes among fields, flowers and windmills! Very beautiful country side.

Before coming here we were in Brussels, Belgium. We only spent 2 nights there, but were able to make it to church on Sunday. There were so many nationalities there, I couldn’t believe it. The couple we sat next to said the week before that half of the talks were given in one language and the other half in a different language. Second and third hour classes were divided into languages — Spanish, English, French, etc. Crazy!

Well I hope all is well over there. I’ve been able to video chat with Mandi a few times so that’s been fun to see her and Spence. Hopefully you two will consider coming to visit once we get back to Utah:) Now’s the time to buy tickets!

Love, Keri

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