Who I Am

Writers aren’t exactly people … They’re a whole bunch of people trying to be one person.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald

I am a farmer’s daughter. A small town survivor. The youngest of seven.

I am a curious traveler. A hungry reader. A writer. Someone who loves animals yet still sees them as secondary to actual human beings.

I believe in God. I’m a believer with questions. I’m often unsure about things I can’t fact check. I’ve been known to be a squeaky wheel.

I’m a list maker. A compulsive planner. Someone whose Google Drive is filled with detailed trip itineraries, projects and to-do lists that will take years to complete.

When comfortable, I can be an opinionated chatterbox. When in the spotlight, a bit aloof. When angry, a raging river.

I see the world in black and white, on a sheet of paper with ink.

I’m a type A married to a type B, just trying to make it in the world.

Map of the World